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The Tract Room is open for collection of tracts and Choice Gleaning calendars. If the front entrance facing the road is closed on account of weather, then please use the side entrance. 

Opening times:* Monday – Friday 8am-3pm

Closed over holidays: Friday 22 December 2023

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*You are welcome to ‘take a chance’ and push the front door bell over this period, as one of our volunteers may be in attending to unrelated matters and has noted that they would be happy to assist customers who were not aware the Press was closed.


What is the Evangelical Mission Press?

Established in circa 1931, by the late English brother Coleridge pictured on right inset, it has been printing and distributing free gospel tracts for over 90 years,  in 60 languages, with free-to-public Bible-based Christian literature all over Africa.

This work of printing free literature for distribution would not have been possible without God moving the hearts, minds, and hands of many gift-givers and volunteers over the years. There have been too many to mention without leaving somebody out.

This work, after 90 years, still remains valuable to the Lord, as the world seems to be getting more disillusioned now than ever before, and only the truth can set folk free.

A couple from Northern Ireland, Kenneth (photo inset) and Charlotte  Elliott, took over the work in 1957, and steadily grew the same until he was called home in the year 2000, and was followed by Charlotte many years later in *2021, at the age of 91, having faithfully continued the work day-by-day as the Lord gave her the strength and supplied the means. To read more of this history see the About section.

Please note that it took 90 years to get online, so this website will be developed over time.  We are truting the Lord that we can create a useful resource with updated tracts and booklets for those of you who are faithfully giving out tracts, or looking for Bible based literature.

*Mrs Charlotte Elliott, who many of you knew, temporarily closed the doors during the Covid 19 lockdowns, and did not recover from a fall, sadly passing away on the 29th March 2021.

The Mission Committee was added to in 2019, as they intend keeping this great work going, and will be making a few changes during this transition phase in 2021 to ensure the tracts are updated and back in stock after the Covid-19 lockdowns slowed production.

We will be updating the tracts for use online in pdf or e-reader formats, so you can select the tracts from the comfort of your home, and we can set these aside for your collection or parcel them for postage. We trust that the digital versions will also be a useful format to distribute electronically via WhatsApp, email, and social media.

The Great Continent of Africa

For 90 years the full-time workers and volunteers at the Press have served the Lord, by faith, publishing the Truth across the great continent of Africa.
Due to the sanctions against the apartheid regime in South Africa, just prior to the turn of the 21st century, the distribution of literature suffered geographically.   However, as South Africa has remained one of the largest economies in Africa, it has brought the African nations to the cities to find work.


Some interesting facts about Africa and her people:

    • Africa is the second largest continent by size and popluation.
    • Well over 1,000 languages are spoken by the people of Africa.
    • The largest religion in Africa is Islam, followed by Christianity.
    • It cradles the longest river in the world, the Nile at 6,649km.
    • It is home to the largest desert, the Sahara (nearly the size of the USA).
    • Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in Africa at 108m high and 1.6km high.
    • Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain at 5,895m, with glaciers forming on top, even at the equator.
    • A plateau called the Witwatersrand in South Africa has produced half of the gold ever mined on Earth.



A brief history of the Evangelical Mission Press

This overview of the work at the Evangelical Mission Press (EMP) is adapted from an article written many years ago in circa. 2006, by the then Chairman of Precious Seed, Roy Hill, from Bristol, England.

Updates in italics – June 2021.

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Following the passing away of Mrs Elliott on 29 March 2021, the books from Christian Publications have been uploaded to the website, due to Covid-19 restrictions. 

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